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Imagine, then, running as many as 80 electric trains at once, backwards and forwards, one behind another, throwing switches all over the place without worrying about bent rails or derailed coaches and frayed nerves. Welcome to the age of digital model railroading and Marklin Inc., a German model train manufacturer that this year introduced its sophisticated version of digital model railroading to the American marketplace. Digital locomotives and controls may be a bit costly to be under most Christmas trees, but model train experts see digital railroading as the wave of the future. ``Digital makes wiring easier and makes the train operation more realistic,`` said Russell Larson, editor of Model Railroader, ``the`` journal for an estimated 250,000 serious model train hobbyists in the United States. ``You can have one train following another without constantly throwing power-routing switches. The operator can concentrate on running the trains rather than routing the power.`` It will cost about $500 for the control components of a Marklin digital system, not counting the locomotives and rolling stock. This is an interesting side note, take a look: model railroad now there actually is a good deal of outstanding American Flyer trains relevant articles all about the Marklin trains subject as a whole, with specific focus around the American Flyer trains.So Marklin, which has its U.S. distribution center in this Milwaukee suburb and is the world`s largest model train manufacturer, isn`t expecting soaring digital sales in their year of introduction. But it does expect all train set sales of the conventional and digital types to top a million units this year and to continue their upward trend. ``The swing back to electric trains started around 1984,`` said Frederick E.

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Other models are housed in glass display cases and are in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. "I think we have all gauges represented here," Collier said. The oldest of the trains date to about 1900 and are from the United States, Germany, France and Italy. The toys are quite detailed, Collier said, with some depicting people in dining cars or lying down in sleepers. Others have engineers looking out the windows. A major part of the exhibit is a collection of objects from the Marklin train factory in Germany, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Marklin items include some elaborate European railroad cars, boats and even a submarine. "The submarine is stranded, but it's there," Collier said. This is the sixth year the Campbell Museum has sponsored the toy train exhibit, which was started "to do something for Christmas," he said. The trains are provided by members of the Atlantic Division of the Train Collectors Association. "These are all people that just enjoy playing with trains all through the year," Collier said, and their ranks include a department store manager, an undertaker and other professionals.

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